Smarthockey Ball

The science behind the Smarthockey Ball is more is more than most realize and it shows up immediately in your off-ice stick handling sessions. At first glance, the Smarthockey Ball elicits thoughts of what could be so special about that? That thought quickly fades once the ball hits your stick. How could such a generic looking weighted ball handle so smoothly with a quick stick handle on almost any surface? The Smarthockey Ball was built with an answer to the common concerns of weight, bounce and roll you find with office training balls/pucks. The inner core and surlyn cover of the Smarthockey Ball are like a to top D pairing on a Stanley Cup winning team….they work together and produce great results on the ice.

Walk in any rink prior to a game or any legit off-ice training area and you should see a Smarthockey Ball rolling around on the concrete, rubber mats or tile floor. Regardless of location, the Smarthockey Ball gives a puck weight feel on the stick making it a perfect warm-up tool for any age & skill level.

Deke Hockey’s Three Stars:

  1. Great way to develop quick hands on any surface with minimal bounce.
  2. Available in varied sizes & weights to fit your training goals including the Smarthockey Maxx & Smarthockey Mini.
  3. Virtually indestructible so it’ll give you years of use with a single ball.

Bottom Line: 

Intersecting somewhere between street hockey ball, golf ball and advancing technology is where the Smarthockey Ball lands. This ball makes it easy to spend a few minutes training your hands on quick movements in any setting. You’ll find this hockey staple in most arena pro shots, training facilities, basements and hockey bags across the world. If you haven’t yet invested in a Smarthockey Ball I hope this provided enough education to pass the test and add one to your hockey gear.

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