Franklin Roll-A-Puck X3


When it comes to imaginative wonders of street hockey, Franklin is heavily involved. Past and present, it’d be hard to not see a Franklin stick, ball or goalie pads being used in local driveway or cul-de-sac pick-up game.

We tested the bright orange Franklin Roll-A-Puck X3 which is eerily similar in color to the plyons who line up on defense and fall victim to a crafty deke. The most noticeable thing about this puck is the rubber puck outer layer which gives it a solid feel and grip to your hockey stick. Using it’s hard plastic top and bottom layers with 3 rolling balls which provide a sufficient ice-like slide on smooth hard surfaces.

This Franklin Roll-A-Puck X3 seems best fit for using as a low-impact puck to work on feeling the puck on your stick. Perfectly fine for stick handling and passing we found that the impact of this puck against hard surfaces began to rattle the 4 rivets resulting in needed repairs. All in all, Franklin bumped up their game from the standard street hockey ball to the Roll-A-Puck X3.

Available in green, yellow and the tested orange along with availability in many sporting good and big box stores the Franklin Roll-A-Puck X3 is a readily available for your budding hockey star or “driveway rocket”.

Deke Hockey’s Three Stars:

  1. Superb puck feel all the way around the Roll-A-Puck X3.
  2. Light enough to not feel bulky and slow while stick handling on hard surfaces.
  3. Small lip between side & bottom edge helps beginner players in lifting the puck.

Bottom Line: 

You can get hours upon hours of enjoyment from the Franklin Roll-A-Puck X3 if you treat it with respect. With great puck feel you’ll find yourself wanting to use this puck for a game play dekes however I’d limit shooting and scoring to low-impact, barely crossing the goal line tic-tac-toe goals.

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