Green Biscuit

“For Serious Hands” the Green Biscuit Original is a must have puck for beginners to pro hockey players and their off-ice training.

Hard to miss with it’s green color and catchy name, the Green Biscuit provides a great deal of smooth slide when used on asphalt, concrete and shooting pads.  With the Green Biscuit Original you’ll find the same texture all the way around the puck which makes production simple and gives it a silky glide feel on your stick and hard surfaces.  

Hockey players, this puck is ideal if you’re looking for a effective way to improve your stickhandling, deke and passing skills when ice time isn’t available.  Not intended for shooting, the Green Biscuit Original did hold up when we “accidently” fired it into a net after a dangle or a nice sauce pass from a buddy. 

If you’re looking for a more specific use and feel, Green Biscuit has you covered with the Green Biscuit Snipe, Green Biscuit Pro and Green Biscuit Roller Hockey versions of this base puck which we’ll be reviewing soon. 

While there is something about the Green Biscuit being Green you have available colors that could stretch the rainbow one of the more popular colors is the Blush Green Biscuit. 

If you find yourself more partial to a designed Green Biscuit that allows you to show your support for a hockey powerhouse you can find them in Olympic country flags of both USA and Canada.

Lest we not forget to mention our support for the daily battle many face with the lavender Hockey Fights Cancer Green Biscuit.

Deke Hockey’s Three Stars:

  1. Minimal roll when stick handling & deking with this off-ice puck.
  2. Passing with a partner from 15-20 feet is crisp & quick.
  3. You’ll have no trouble finding this neon beauty in a pile of pucks/balls.

Bottom Line:  The Green Biscuit Original is a must have dry land training puck for anyone looking to improve their hockey dekes away from the rink so you’ll be ready when stripes drops the puck on the ice.


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